About Us

We are a group of pipe making and pipe smoking enthusiasts.

In early 2014, we came together with a vision about the future of our culture. We dreamed of a place where people could congregate to find news, information, and well curated gallery of pipe images from today’s foremost pipemakers. A place where the high levels of achievement in pipemaking would be shared on a modern platform, and lovers of the art could come together with the creators of it, and generate meaningful discussion.

This is a large vision. We have assembled a team to make sure that we reach the fullness of that vision. We have experienced business minds, over 40 years of production experience between us, a sharp young web developer, and two full-time pipemakers.

We want to elevate the culture surrounding pipes in the coming years, by sharing our rich history, and by pushing the art of pipemaking to new heights.

We hope you enjoy what we are doing here at bryr.net, and that you catch the vision of what may be.

The bryr.net team